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At Eight Foods Pte Ltd, we believe in infinite possibilities to work with all cuisines.

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Delivered Orders

Since the establishment of the company in 2020, we average a healthy 150-200 orders a day.

Central Kitchens

The core of our businesses are towards delivery and we work with mass production most of the time throughout the year.

Annual Revenue

In Singapore Dollars, quadrupled in just almost 4 years of operations, we are targeting to grow 10x by the end of 2027.


As an evergrowing company in the F&B industry, we are still considered a lean, departmentalized SME.

Brand Consultancy

We develop, manage, and improve on brand identity and presence in Singapore's market.

Advertisement Management

Strategic planning, execution, and optimization of advertising campaigns to achieve specific marketing objectives.

Operations Management

Overseeing the day-to-day activities and functions of a food and beverage establishment, such as a restaurant, café, bar, or catering service.

Product R&D

The creation, improvement, and innovation of food and beverage offerings to meet consumer demands and market trends.

Brands managed by
Eight Foods Pte Ltd

Stakeholder Management

Effective stakeholder management is crucial for ensuring the success and sustainability of all our businesses or projects.

We build strong relationships with our participating banks, suppliers, and most importantly, our customers, to ensure positive organizational culture for long-term success and sustainability.